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Antwerp story telling walks in English

Antwerp Ghostwalk - A journey through the dark city history
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When we founded the 'Antwerp Ghostwalk' back in 2007, we immediately offered our storytelling walks to an international public in English. This fitted very well into the tradition of 'ghostwalks', as organised in many cities around the world, hence also our name.

Being from Antwerp, we are of course very proud of everything our city has to offer. Part of that heritage are not its many sights, but the traditional stories that have been passed on for centuries between generations.   Therefore we included some of those lively stories into our ghostwalk, making the walk more entertaining. 

There are definitely more laughs than screams of fear during the walks !

It is also not uncommon for grandparents to attend our ghostwalk together with their grandchildren, telling them with a big smile: "now you finally hear that these are not just my stories".

Of course international visitors have different backgrounds, so in the English language tours we give some more historical information about the city, making it  easier to enjoy the stories. Some locations in Antwerp have special meaning for international visitors, and this can differ depending on where hey come from.  Standing in front of the Cathedral, English-speaking visitors oftwen rejoice to find the place where Thomas More learned about Utopia. In the same spot, Japanese fondly remember the story about 'Nello and Patrasche'.

Sometimes it does get a bit tricky, e.g. when we tell stories about hot-blooded Italian merchants during the Golden Age. We sometimes have to 'walk on eggshells' when we explain to Spanish visitors about how their ancestors made themselves very unpopular.  Likelywise it get subtle when we thank French revolutionaries for bringing us the blessing of the guillotine.  Often however we also learn something new, e.g. when we found out a story about 'Lange Wapper' is also known in Turkey. 

The most colorful and interesting groups we guide around are those on the international 'Antwerp Ghostwalk', therefore we invite everyone to come and enjoy the stories about 'the most beautiful city in the world'. 

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